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      Activities in Kolasin and surroundings Spring/Summer

        Kolasin, Montenegro

  God must have been very inspired while creating Montenegro because in such a small place he expressed all his creativeness. In an area of only 13 812 km², one can expect exciting nature contrasts. In the heart of the Mediterranean, separated from Italy by the Adriatic sea , this small country is waiting for you. This little known country is only an hour flight from Rome, three hours from Moscow, and then your Montenegrin adventure can begin.

On the slopes of Bjelasica, on the left bank of the river Tara, at the height of 970 meters above the sea level, there is a small town of Kolasin, covering the space of 897 square kilometers with about 11 000 inhabitants. It is surrounded by the mountains Sinjajevina, Kapa Moracka, Maganik, Bjelasica, Bujaca and Kljuc.

Kolasin has a very favourable climate and all other natural conditions for development of tourism. Because of altitude and favorable clime Kolasin is considered as air spa. A special attraction for tourists represents the Biogradsko Lake located in National park “Biogradska gora” which is one of three preserved virgin forest of Europe.

The Biogradsko Lake is at 1094m of altitude and around it there are walking paths.In this region, there are: Bjelasica, with ideal ski terrains, the clean river Tara with its rapids and the famous and beautiful lake of Biograd.

 If you are a passionate fisherman, nearby the town there are rivers rich with trout. The town itself has a hunting and a fishing association so your hunting, that is, fishing experience will be a great opportunity for socializing.

People from Kolasin and their guests choose for picnic places the shores of the lake, especially Biogradsko or some of Pesic lakes on Bjelasica.

  For somewhat more attractive rest every citizen of Kolasin will recommend you Tara rafting. One shorter trio of this kind could be rafting from Kolasin to Mojkovac in the length of about 15 km. In springtime Tara is particularly fierce river, which will make your experience an adrenaline injection..


                                       WELCOME, TRY AND FEEL THRILL!                     

                             Climbing & Biking
 Polygon for climbing is one big rock 2 km from the hotel. There are 32 lines, for 32 persons and wide range of skills training from beginners to professionals. These training last almost whole morning, and then we drive to Jezerine ski center where the lunch will be served in a restaurant (national dishes). After lunch ride by cable to the top of the mountain, where guests will take bikes and return to Kolasin town passing over mountain and further by road. Dinner at the hotel.


                      Activities in Kolasin and surroundings - Winter

  Ski Holidays - Kolasin 1450 Ski resort - highly recommended

Why don't you choose for a cheaper winter holiday in a tiny but spectacular country? 

      While lots of ski resorts suffer from overcrowding and a limited fresh snow, Montenegrin Ski Resorts offer deep powder snow and a relaxing environment. The modern ski resort in Montenegro can compete with the traditional European ski destinations and cost only a fraction of the money.

  The Kolasin 1450 Ski Resort is located on the Bjelasica mountains, 9 km from Kolasin. The highest peak in the Ski Resort is at an alltitude of 1920 m, while the total length of ski runs is over 40 km. Thanks to recent investments Kolasin can compete with the most famous European ski resorts. The 1450 Ski Resort is completely adjusted to western standards and rules. With modern ski lifts, snow cannons and snow stamping machines, Kolasin is the best ski destination in the region.



           Europe?s best-kept ski secret ?The Kolasin 1450 Ski Resort ? (Jezerine) lies in the Mount Bjelasica, 9 km away from Kolasin, about 15 minutes by car. The highest points is at an altitude of 1920 metres, while the total length of ski runs is over 40 kilometres. There are various lifts available, a six-seater Doppelmayr ropeway called Viline vode, a two? seater called Cupovi, three ski-lifts and a baby lift.

            With the new six-seater Doppelmayr ropeway and 15 km of new ski runs prepared according to the strictest western standards, Kolasin rivals the finest European ski centres. Three new alpine ski runs have been developed, one of which is connected to the existing run, while the other two are completely detached. Night skiing, artificial snow cannons, new snow stamping machines, ski rental with 500 sets of ski equipment a ski depot with automatic sterilizing and drying are also available.

Breathe deeply, feel the benefits of air spas Kolasin in the luxuriously equipped Chalet Tara in the mountain, ethnic style. Rest in it or let it be your starting point for an active vacation, unforgettable moments and adventures in the pristine nature of Montenegro! Log house is suitable from max 9 persons! Welcome!   
Feel the winter magic
Discover among the first one of the newest European ski destinations. Enjoy skiing on the 40 km long ski slopes or pamper yourself in one of the plenty excellent wellness hotels in North Montenegro or in our splendid house Tara in Kolasin - near main road to Ski Center as you can see on picture!  
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